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What Is An ICO Converter? Click For An Ultimate Guide

ICO formats may sound unfamiliar to you. Yet, do you often pay attention to the tiny, well-designed icons on your computer? They are ICO images.

Although ICO is everywhere on your desktop, working with it will give you a hard time. It would be best if you had an ICO converter to handle it. Today, we will talk about ICO converts, how they help you, and why you should use them. Let's follow us to discover!

What Is An ICO Format?

ICO format is an image format that Microsoft Windows uses for computer icons. It has one or more tiny symbols at multiple color depths and sizes so users can scale them appropriately.

Every program in Windows that shows us an icon on the desktop, Windows Explorer, and Start Menu must have the icon in ICO format.

The ICO format can work in scenarios where machines must select the best picture from a collection of images based on specifications like the size.

An icon library, essentially a 16- or 32-bit Windows executable often kept in an ICL file, can be generated by compiling several ICO files.

Sometimes the filename extension of these icon collections is ICO. This image file format is famous for shortcuts, URLs, bookmarks, and websites.

Additionally, several image editors and browsers support ICO. You can easily open and create ICO files with many apps.

What Is An ICO Converter?

You can make ICO files using a converter website if you're building a Windows app or a website or want to customize your Windows desktop.

An ICO converter is an image converter tool. It allows you to share images and turn them into ICO files. Besides, the converter also helps convert ICO files to other formats.

In addition, the converter allows you to edit the ICO image and save it in different sizes in a single file. The image can scale to various sizes and qualities depending on its intended purpose.

How To Open An ICO File?

There are numerous ways to open ICO files. Here is a simple guide to quickly and effortlessly reading ICO.

Install applications

Various associated programs for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS can handle ICO files. For example:

  • In Microsoft: GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), Microsoft Photos, and Microsoft Paint
  • In macOS: Apple Review, Inkscape, and Lemkesoft GraphicConverter.

Change associations

Your computer might ask you to set a default app that you want to use going forward to open ICO extensions. You can modify your ICO associations in your Control Panel if you don't get this message.

Install a software viewer

Without the restriction of not being able to access the files, a universal software viewer can save you the burden of running numerous different software on your laptop.

Benefits Of Using ICO Converters

ICO converters are the best tools to convert ICO files to other image files and vice versa. Besides, they offer tons of benefits, as follows:


How much do you pay for using a converter? The answer will surprise you: no cost at all. ICO converters work online and won't charge you any fee to work on them.

Your experience is the most important thing that those converters target. They try to satisfy your needs. Because asking you to pay for the service will affect your experience, the tools are completely free.

If you appreciate it, show your love in two ways:

  • Share the tools with your friends to spread their popularity
  • Donate (but only some websites support it)


The fact that ICO converters don't save your data makes them secure. They give users the option to work anonymously. Hence, you won't have to be concerned about stolen information.

Additionally, ICO converters are free of advertisements. Your website activities will run without interruption. Also, there won't be suspicious links directing you to insecure websites.

High-quality images

Image quality is essential when working with images. You should always pay attention to the resolution of your picture, no matter what you use it for. Even tiny images like icons need to be of high quality.

The key to preserving picture quality is the conversion process. Luckily, ICO converters fine-tune conversion parameters. Hence, you will have excellent images.


ICO converters can process many formats. No matter the design you work with, you need the same steps to process your files.

For example, if you want to convert PNG to ICO, the instructions will be as follows:

  • Select the PNG file on your computer.
  • Set the image option, including the width, height, and fit.
  • Press to convert the data.
  • Download and save the image as an ICO file.


Which image file can an ICO converter convert? The good news is that you can switch between ICO and many other formats, including:

  • PNG
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • WEBP
  • ODD
  • PSD
  • EPS
  • BMP
  • PDF

You can see the descriptions like "Convert to ICO," "Convert to PNG," and something with the same idea. It means that the tool helps you process many formats. So you can convert JPG to ICO and vice versa.

Which Formats Do We Often Convert From ICO?

JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files are the most common formats we use to work with ICO. Hence, you can easily find those converters on many sites.


JPG, sometimes called JPEG, is a file format that handles images with a lossy picture compression ratio ranging from 10:1 to 20:1.

The compression method allows for the reduction of image size without sacrificing quality. Hence, people like to use this format to reduce file size.


PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a file format that saves raster images with the compression algorithm. It employs two-stage compression techniques.

Because PNG files only support RGB color models, people mostly use them as website photos.

PNG images are viral; you can find many symbols in this format.

Hence, all you need to do is to use a PNG-to-ICO converter. Then, PNG pictures will become your stunning icons.


GIFs are in charge of animations. They can adapt up to 256 colors and employ lossless compression to archive images.

Texts and small-scale visual animation are other features that make GIFs popular in web publishing. It also compresses low-colored pictures using the LZW compression algorithm.


Text, photos, data, and other types of content can come in PDF documents. This document type doesn't depend on the operating systems.

PDF is an open standard for compressing both vector graphics and documents. If the browser has a PDF plug-in, you can view it on web browsers effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we have to download ICO converters?

No. We can choose web-based converters if we don't want to download and install any app. These tools allow us to use them when we are online. Then, we can visit the site whenever we want to convert files.

2. Is the ICO converter free?

Yes. Online converts don't charge you any cost and will never do. Hence, feel free to use them to work with your ICO files.

3. How do I reduce the size of my ICO?

ICO files include different sizes, so the system can upscale or downscale the icon. This feature allows you to adjust the file size without ruining the quality.

To reduce icon sizes, right-click the desktop and choose "View." There are three options for you: Small icons, Medium icons, and Large icons. Click on the "Small" option to make your icon smaller.

4. How do I make an ICO into a JPEG?

You can easily convert ICO to JPEG if the converter supports it. If yes, you can take these steps to process the file:

  • Select the .ICO file on your computer.
  • Set the picture's dimensions.
  • Process and save the JPEG file.

5. How do I create an ICO file with multiple sizes?

You need GIMP for this purpose. And here is how to use it:

  • Open the image in GIMP.
  • Square up your canvas.
  • Resize the image's layer.
  • Set the layer's size to the highest value in your ICO, such as 64 pixels.
  • Create a duplicate of the layer.
  • Increase the duplicate layer's dimension.
  • Continue scaling and duplicating until your file has all the sizes you need.
  • Save data as .ICO.


ICO converters can help you work with ICO and other image formats effortlessly. Using them has many benefits, such as free services, high security, and high-quality images.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always eager to assist you.

Thank you for stopping by, and see you in the next post!