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What Is BMI Calculator? Check Your Body Mass

How is your body condition, underweight or overweight? I will show you the most effective screening method, which is a BMI calculator.

Although it does not measure fat directly, its results are closely linked to energy metabolism in the body. The article covers everything you need to understand your body using this ideal tool. Let's read on to discover!

What Is A BMI?

A BMI is an index representing how thin or fat a person's body is in height and weight. It also accurately reflects your body mass index.

Due to its high accuracy and reliability, this indicator became widely available as standard weight range and height measurements.

Specifically, users will use the results from this BMI calculation to check if they are currently expected, underweight or obese.

Yet, BMI isn't the only measure of your health. In other words, it is not diagnostic for an individual's health because the range you need to care about is extensive, which depends on age, place of residence, and gender.

However, using this calculation, you will quickly know whether your current weight and height are reasonable. You can follow the health organization's recommendations to improve your health.

What Is A BMI Calculator?

The simplest way to get the exact BMI is to divide healthy weight (kg) by the square of height (meters). Although this BMI formula is quite simple, only some are good at mental calculations or have the time to deal with the same measures repeatedly.

That's why I recommend this BMI calculator Kg to anyone looking to check their BMI. You can download it or use it directly through the online version available on the website.

After entering the data in the corresponding box, it will immediately return the results you are looking for. So you will know the fat in your muscles, bones, and whole body in a moment.

Benefits Of Using A BMI Calculator

With that said, BMI doesn't simply reflect your weight. It also involves measuring a person's body fat by calculating their weight and height ratio.

Judging from many different perspectives, using a calculator allows you to calculate the above ratio quickly while ensuring accurate results.

Therefore, it is the ideal calculation solution for building BMI charts for many subjects.

This tool also helps you to understand your body, whether you are underweight, regular, or obese. At the same time, it also helps you check the incidence of diseases such as certain cancers and cardiovascular health problems to provide timely solutions.

Also, health professionals encourage everyone, including men, women, overweight children, and the elderly, to calculate BMI with this tool.

Hence, it is necessary to consider valid evidence regarding average weight.

How Is BMI Interpreted For Adults?

After calculating your body mass index (BMI), you must wonder what level your body is in. To help you find the most accurate answer, I will provide information about the WHO adult BMI table below. Note that the index below suits men and women aged 20 years and over.

Level Severe Thinness Moderate Thinness Mild Thinness Normal Overweight Obese Class I Obese Class II Obese Class III
BMI (kg / m2) Under 16 From 16 to 17 From 17 to 18.5 From 18.5 to 25 From 25 to 30 From 30 to 35 From 35 to 40 Over 40

It is a fact that two people's physical conditions can be very different even if they have the same BMI:

  • BMI chart women

tend to be higher than men because women's body fat is often superior.

  • High or low fat intake depends on many other factors, such as race and daily exercise level. An athlete will have a lower BMI than the average human.

What Is The Ideal BMI?

It would be best to consider more than your BMI to assess your strength and fitness workouts. In addition to BMI, many parameters significantly influence health conditions.

However, your timely determination of your BMI is a good starting point.

In the next section, let's explore the ideal BMI for each specific audience, including men, women, and kids.


Whether male or female, if your BMI ranges between 18.5-24.9, you can confirm your body is completely normal. But if it is more than 30 kg/m2, you are at risk factors of obesity and heart disease control.

To make it easier for you to visualize the ideal BMI for men, consider the perfect chart range below:

Height (feet, inch) Weight (kg)
58,96 68.03 77.1 86.18 95.25 104.32 113.39
5 feet 25.4 29.3 33.2 37.1 41.0 44.9 48.8
5 feet 3 inch 23.0 26.6 30.1 33.7 37.2 40.7 44.3
5 feet 6 inch 21.0 24.2 27.4 30.7 33.9 37.1 40.3
5 feet 9 inch 19.2 22.1 25.1 28.1 31.0 34.0 36.9
6 feet 17.6 20.3 23.1 25.8 28.5 31.2 33.9


The calculator for women is similar to how it is calculated for men. However, the ideal index for women is slightly different.

Height (feet, inch) Weight (kg)
58,96 68.03 77.1 86.18 95.25 104.32 113.39
5 feet 25.4 29.3 33.2 37.1 41.0 44.9 48.8
5 feet 3 inch 23.0 26.6 30.1 33.7 37.2 40.7 44.3
5 feet 6 inch 21.0 24.2 27.4 30.7 33.9 37.1 40.3
5 feet 9 inch 19.2 22.1 25.1 28.1 31.0 34.0 36.9
6 feet 17.6 20.3 23.1 25.8 28.5 31.2 33.9


Children's bodies are constantly growing and changing rapidly, so the BMI chart for women or men is unsuitable for this audience. If you still want to track your child's body mass index and health status, use the following BMI table:

Type Underweight Healthy weight At the risk of overweight Overweight
Range < 5% From 5% to 85% From 85% to 95% > 95%

How Good Is BMI As An Indicator Of Body Fatness?

Since the 1970s, obesity and heart disease has increased dramatically, especially among adult women over 60. To slow down this situation, people have invented BMI calculator women to assist in calculating body mass index BMI and help users better protect their bodies.

BMI accuracy in adult males and females is generally higher than in adolescents and children. Their calculation is based on standard weight pounds status, not gender or age range, as in children. It also explains why each person's fat is so different within the same BMI.

Also, a person with a BMI of 35 kg/m² can be either regular or severely overweight. BMI calculation isn't just about body fat but also includes lean muscle and bone mass.

In addition to calculating BMI, you should do appropriate health assessments as recommended by experts. Applying different testing methods will give optimal results regarding your body's condition and potential health risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BMI reliable?

The truth is no. As mentioned, BMI is not a representative measurement of a person's state of health. In many cases, it can be confusing because it overestimates or underestimates body fat.

Therefore, I recommend combining various testing and assessment methods to understand your body best.

Does BMI change with age?

Yes, depending on age, BMI varies widely. Specifically, from 1 year old to before 4-6 years old, BMI tends to decrease and gradually increase until adulthood.

Why does my BMI say I'm overweight when I'm not?

Because BMI needs to take into account all other body compositions, you won't be able to know the exact relationship between muscle mass and fat. Athletes are often considered obese based on BMI because they have much thicker and heavier muscles than fat.

Is BMI better than weight?

The short answer is yes. BMI is a more useful and accurate measure than weight in assessing overweight. Its calculation includes both weight and body height. Meanwhile, weight only partially reflects body mass index BMI.

Is it better to have a lower or higher BMI?

As a general rule, it will be difficult for health to improve at its best when BMI decreases or increases. This BMI is strongly associated with overall health according to the U-shaped curve, and valuable means that BMI that is helpful high or too low reduces life expectancy.


There are many adverse outcomes of being underweight and obese. The most helpful advice I would like to give you is always maintaining a BMI below 25 kg/m2.

Also, consult your doctor to determine if you need to make lifestyle changes or improve your diet to stay healthy from high blood pressure.

Thus, I have presented all the information about the calculator in this article.

Through that, you will best understand your body condition and apply this tool in your daily life.

Thank you for reading and following.