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Common Uses & Tips For Days Calculator

Want to calculate the days that have passed since a specific event? Curious about a person's exact age? Days calculator is the tool to help you do the above tasks quickly.

The article below shows you how to use the intelligent date calculator in necessary cases. Pay attention to this article because you will surely get helpful advice. Let's check it out now!

Uses For The Days Calculators

The date duration calculator has more uses than you think. This simple tool can calculate periods for milestones, ages, birthdays, or daily routines.

And here are the cases where you can use the day counter to get the most accurate results and save maximum time.

Count business days or calculate an event's duration

The day counter will allow you to calculate the total time the event took place.

You must limit the Event Start and End Date, then select "Calculate Duration."

Sometimes, you may want your results to contain something other than start and end dates. And to change this metric, you can enable or disable the last day included in the tool.

How old are you (or another one)?

You can use a date calculator to calculate anyone's age. To do this, enter the date of birth in the "Start Date" column. In the end, select "Today."

Since you want to calculate a person's age, you can turn off the "Include End Date" option and then choose the "Calculate Duration."

How old were you in 1990 or any other past year?

In addition to calculating the current age, you can calculate anyone's age in any leap year.

The calculations are pretty simple. In the starting date field, enter your date of birth. Meanwhile, with "end date," enter the leap year you want to find the age.

Similar to age calculation, you also need to turn off the "Include the end date" option and click "Calculate duration" to see the results.

Exactly how old are you?

The date-to-date calculators can also calculate your exact date of birth with accuracy up to the second.

To get the results, select "calculate the date of birth" and enter your numbers. If you know your birth time well, join the input information for high-accuracy results.

After entering all the information, click the drop-down menu and select "Calculate and frequency."

Then, you need to select "Calculate alternate date of birth" the tool will automatically output the number of days, minutes, and seconds that have passed since you were born.

Birth date and time

If you know a person's age but can't immediately calculate the exact birth year, a historical date calculator will help.

Enter the person's death year in the tool's "start date" field. Then select "Add/Subtract" from the drop-down menu.

For age calculation, select "Minus" and enter the Death Year. Finally, you need to select "Calculate," and the results will be available in a few seconds.

This tool will be handy for genealogists quite a lot. They will quickly determine the age of an anonymous person when the relevant documents only mention their age.

Calculate which date it is in X days

When contracting or planning an event, you must have needed help figuring out the timing at least once. And the date calculator will help you to complete this difficult task quickly.

To use the day counter after a specific time, enter the event date as a landmark in the "start date" field.

Then use the "Add" or "Add/Subtract" tool in the menu and enter the date. Finally, select Calculate new date, and you will get the results you are looking for.

Which day of the week?

The date calculator supports date calculation and includes a calendar generator to display the business days of the week.

You'll need to open "Calendar Builder" and enter the leap year. For added accuracy, you'll also need to enter your country before clicking "Create Calendar."

A gregorian calendar with exact dates will appear on the screen. You can change many views, such as displaying the day of the week for a more intuitive look.

4 Easy Ways To Calculate Days In Between Dates

If you need a quick date calculation yourself, here are some methods you can use:

Date calculations in Windows 11

The calculator in Windows 11 can perform simple mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can consider this feature to calculate the business days between two events.

  • To start calculating, open the Calculator app available on Windows 11.

  • Then, click on the tool's three-bar navigational buttons.

  • A series of calculation options will appear. Then select "Date calculator," and you will be redirected to a new window.

  • You can calculate the "Difference between days" or "Add or subtract days."

The tool also integrates with the calendar so users can easily select the typical year, month, and day. It calculates quite conveniently and powerfully to display results quickly and accurately.

Using the DAY() function in Excel

Microsoft Excel is more than just ordinary data processing software. And fortunately, you can use this software to quickly determine the day between dates via the DAY() function.

To use this function, you must enter two main parameters, the start date and the end date. If you have been familiar with Excel before, it is not difficult for you to find the distance between dates quickly:

  • Open Excel software.

  • In cell A2 of the worksheet, enter the start date. In cell B2, enter the end date of the event. Finally, in cell C2, enter the formula "=DAYS(B2,A2)".

  • Press the Enter key to get the exact day's number.

The DAYS function allows users to calculate the exact number of days between two events. If you want to find the difference between two dates, Excel supports DATEDIF() to simplify the work. Similar to the DAYS function, DATEDIF() is also quite simple to handle with the following steps:

  • Open Excel software.

  • Enter the start and end dates in cells A2 and B2, respectively. In cell C2, enter the formula =DATEDIF(A2, B2, “units”). Accordingly, D, M, and Y stand for a day, month, and year.

  • Press Enter and get the result as the difference between the two dates.

Using Google search/Bing search

In addition to computer software, you can look to an online tool like Google/Bing to calculate the difference between two dates. Whichever finder you use, you can apply the following three steps to get accurate results on the difference between the two dates:

  • Open the search engine.

  • Type the keyword "Days since DD/MM/YY" in the search box. D, M, and Y is the date you want to search, respectively.

  • Press Enter and get the result.

Calculate the difference between two dates in a Google sheet

Google sheet is quite similar to Excel, which supports calculating the difference between dates.

This tool includes the DAY() function and the DATEDIF() function. And using these functions on Google sheets is similar to Excel.

Accordingly, you only need to enter the exact end date and start date and formulas like DAYS or DATEDIF to get the results you are always looking for.

Besides the regular function mentioned above, you can calculate days between dates with a short day off subtraction, including independence day and weekend days. The general formula for this subtraction method is to subtract the start date from the end date to get the difference between two specific dates.

To handle this method, follow the three steps below:

  • Open Google sheet.

  • Enter the start and end dates in cells A2 and B2, respectively.

  • Enter the formula =B2-A2 or =MINUS(B2, A2) in cell C2.

Frequently Asked Questions

The given date calculator is a simple tool but brings many benefits. It helps you get accurate results to apply in many cases in the shortest time.

However, only some use this tool effectively. And below are answers to common problems that affect your daily computer use.

How do you calculate manydays between two dates?

The general rule of thumb for calculating the number of days between two different events is subtracting the last day from the start date. For a short period, convert the results to days, weeks, or months.

It would help if you did the conversions to the number of years for more significant digits.

How do you count the number of days?

To calculate the number of days between two dates, you subtract the start date from the end date.

How do you calculate the number of days in a month?

Once the number of days result is available, multiply the result by 30.436875 to convert the monthly measurement to a labor day measure.

How do we calculate time?

To calculate the time, you need to apply the formula:

Time = Distance/Speed.

Depending on distance and speed, you will have separate time units.

How do you calculate days between two dates manually?

To manually calculate the distance between two dates, our general formula should subtract the start date from the last date.


Days calculator is quite simple and easy to use. And after reading the article, you can use this intelligent tool more effectively.

Don't hesitate to comment if you still have related questions. We are here to help you master these calculation tools.

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