YouTube Channel ID

Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Channel ID

A YouTube channel ID helps identify and differentiate channels on the platform. Understanding them is essential when you create content, develop apps, or enjoy YouTube. In this guide, I will explain their importance and how to find them. Also, you will know how people use them in different situations.

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What Is YouTube Channel ID?

A YouTube channel ID (or YouTube ki ID) is like a code for each YouTube channel. It's a unique set of letters and numbers helping identify a particular channel.

The channel ID is vital because it is helpful for many things on YouTube. For example, it helps content creators manage their channels and see information about their videos, like how many people have watched them.

Besides, viewers can use the channel ID to subscribe to a channel and get notified when new videos are uploaded. Also, developers use the channel ID to create tools or apps that work with YouTube.

YouTube Channel ID Vs User ID

Don't confuse YouTube channel ID and user ID because they have differences!

I'll start with the channel ID. It's a unique code given to each YouTube channel. This code helps identify a specific channel.

Content creators, viewers, and developers use the channel ID to interact with channels (I have mentioned in the above section).

Now, let's talk about the user ID. It represents an individual user's YouTube account.

In other words, it's like a personal ID for users. And the user ID is used for things like logging in or commenting on videos and accessing personalized features such as playlists.

Structure And Format Of A YouTube Channel ID

The channel ID has letters, numbers, and special characters in it. Usually, it starts with "UC" and is followed by a mix of letters and numbers. The length of the channel ID can be different, but it's usually around 24 characters long.

For example, a Channel ID might look like "UCexample1234abc5678def90."

The format of the YT channel ID ensures that each channel has a unique and recognizable code. This feature helps YouTube keep track of different channels.

Thus, whether you're a content creator, viewer, or developer, you will see the channel ID in different places, like channel URLs or when using YouTube's features.

Why Find Channel ID Youtube?

There are many reasons why many people look for YouTube channel IDs. Here are my main goals for doing this:

Integrate With YouTube APIs

When integrating with YouTube APIs, I must find the ID YouTube channel. I use this ID to get information about that channel, like its videos, playlists, and subscriptions.

This process ensures I work with the right channel and avoids mistakes or confusion.

Integrate With Cross-Platform

Finding the channel ID is important because it helps me connect and communicate with that channel across platforms.

By the way, integrating cross-platform means getting channel-specific information, like videos or playlists. And by using the channel ID, I can request data directly from that channel using YouTube's tools.

Then, I can show channel information, embed videos, or create features based on that channel's content.

Besides, I want to sync user data or actions when integrating cross-platform. By connecting a user's activity with the channel ID, I can ensure their actions, such as subscriptions or likes, are consistent across different platforms.

In short, finding the ID channel YouTube for cross-platform integration helps me connect to the right channel, get channel-specific data, and keep user actions in sync across different platforms.

Integrate With Third-Party Tools And Services

I will find the YouTube channel ID when I want to connect YouTube with other external tools or services.

Integrating these tools and services involves analyzing channel performance, managing content, or promoting videos. The channel ID helps these tools or services fetch the needed data related to the channel.

For example, if I want to connect a social media management tool to YouTube, I need the channel ID to gather metrics, schedule posts, or track engagement on the channel.

Besides, finding the channel ID also lets owners personalize their experience. They can use these tools or services to improve their channel's performance, optimize content, or make their workflow smoother.

How To Get YouTube Channel ID?

Discover ways to get your and others' channel IDs with my instructions below!

How To Find My YouTube Channel ID?

First, I'll guide you through finding your channel ID. But first, remember to sign in to your YouTube account. Then you can do one of two methods:

Find My YouTube ID From YouTube Setting

1/ Click on your profile icon to open a drop-down menu.

2/ On the left-hand side menu in YouTube, locate and click on the "Settings" option.

3/ Select the " Advanced Setting" tab in the Settings menu. Here, you should see your channel ID.

4/ You can either click on the channel ID to copy it to your clipboard or manually select and copy the channel ID.

Find YouTube Channel ID From URL

1/ In the address bar of your web browser, you will see the URL of your YouTube channel.

2/ Look for a section in the URL that starts with either "channel/" or "user/." The Channel ID follows these parts of the URL.

3/ Select and copy the channel ID from the URL. Then paste it wherever you need to use it.

How To Find YouTube Channel ID Of Others?

Next, I will show you how to find someone else's channel ID. To get started, you must also navigate to the person's channel.

Then there are four fastest ways for you to find this ID as follows:

From The Page Source

1/ Once on the YouTube channel page, right-click anywhere to open a context menu.

2/ In the context menu, choose the "View Page Source" or "Inspect" option. This action will open the page source code in a new tab or window.

3/ In the page source code, use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + F" (Windows) or "Command + F" (Mac) to open the search feature. Then, type "channelid" or "ucid" in the search box.

4/ The search will highlight the relevant section of the channel ID.

5/ Select and copy it from the page source code.

In Developer Tools

1/ Right-click anywhere on the channel page to open a context menu. From the menu, select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element." This action will open the browser's developer tools panel.

2/ In this panel, look for the "Network" tab. Click on it to switch to the network monitoring view.

3/ Press the "F5" key or click the refresh button to reload the YouTube channel page.

4/ In the network tab, you'll see a list of requests made by the website. Look for one that starts with "browseId and is followed by the channel ID.

I recommend typing "browse" into the filter bar to filter out the most relevant results to make it faster.

5/ Select and copy the ID from the developer tools panel.

Via The API

1/ Look at the video URL in your web browser's address bar. The video ID appears after the "v=" parameter in the URL.

2/ Combine the video ID and the Channel ID in the following format: "youtube-channelId-videoId."

3/ Use your preferred API client to send an API request to YouTube's "/videos" endpoint. Set the "part" parameter to "snippet" and the "id" parameter to the constructed ID.

4/ Parse the API response and locate the "channelId" parameter in the response data. This result will be the ID of the desired channel.

Use Third-Party Tool

1/ Select a reputable tool that offers YouTube channel analysis or information lookup features.

2/ Go to the website of the selected third-party tool using your web browser.

3/ Depending on the tool, you may need to enter the username or the URL of the YouTube channel you want to find the channel ID.

4/ Click on the search or lookup button to initiate the process.

5/ The third-party tool will provide the channel ID as part of the information it retrieves. Look for the ID in the output or results section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a custom URL for my YouTube Channel ID?

To do this, you must have at least 100 subscribers, an account at least 30 days old, and a profile picture. Then, you can customize your URL through the "About" section in your Channel Settings.

Is it safe to share a YouTube Channel ID?

The answer is yes. It is a unique identifier for your channel and does not reveal sensitive information. Yet, be cautious when sharing personal information or credentials associated with your YouTube account.

Can I use someone else's YouTube Channel ID?

No. Each channel has its unique ID. And it is specific to that channel owner. Using another's ID would not grant access to their channel or account.

Can I change my Channel YouTube ID?

No. Once it is assigned to your channel, it remains the same. Yet, you can change the channel name or URL associated with your Channel ID.

Does YouTube verify ID?

YouTube does not verify the channel ID itself. Yet, it does this process for certain features like verification badges or monetization eligibility.


Understanding YouTube Channel ID is essential for various purposes on the platform. It helps identify and differentiate channels, allowing for efficient interaction and access to channel-specific information.

By grasping the significance of these IDs, you can make the most of the platform's features and enhance your YouTube experience.

Thank you for following!