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Image Cropper Benefits & Basic Editing Rules

Cropping will help remove extraneous details from the image. In addition, it also affects the aspect ratio, composition, and overall image aesthetics.

Curious about the image cropper tools that bring the above advantages? This article will give you valuable tips for using these tools effectively. Let's scroll down to read more information!

What Is The Photo Cropping?

Cropping is an operation to adjust or remove the outer edges of an image. It will help you remove unnecessary parts and change the layout of the picture.

If you regularly post photos on some social networking sites like Instagram, you are probably no stranger to photo crops.

When you upload pictures taken with the camera to the platform, the software automatically crop photos to fit the Instagram-specific square frame.

Image Cropping Benefits

There are many reasons why many users crop photos before posting on social networking platforms. Here are a few changes you will get when you crop an image.

Give a subject's concentration.

As you change the edges of the original image, you can magnify the object you want to focus on. This simple processing technique will help you to focus on the desired thing. As a result, the subject attraction will be more effective.

Visual information removal

You can use image cropping to remove clutter and distractions.

In particular, cropping will help you shift the focus to the main subject when the photo has some random objects interfering with the frame.

Composition cropping

The cropped image layout has a significant influence on its aesthetic. During photography, you may not follow the photographic compositions. In post-production, you can correct this mistake by cropping the image.

Cropping can help you transform an uncomposed photo into professional work by following the one-third rule. Meanwhile, with portraits, you might want to focus on the subject.

Unusual shapes

The cropping tools also assist in adjusting images to circles, squares, and other unique shapes. These particular photos will not follow the traditional rules.

Yet, they will capture the viewer's attention. You will achieve the desired design effect if the shape is associated with a specific message.

Why Should You Use an Image Crop Tool?

Image crop will help you change the previous crop photo online composition, which does not emphasize the main subject.

This tool will help any content creator, blogger, and photographer looking to enhance their image quality.

Here are some reasons you should crop photos online:

  • Make the picture more attractive by removing want-to-crop areas. Except for the subject, objects that attract the viewer's attention, such as strange text and images, will be in the crop block.
  • Create stability and harmony for the crop photo online structure and composition. You should apply the rule of one-third and the horizon in cropping.
  • Use crop pictures to tell a story. Only the best parts are in the picture, while the details irrelevant to the story are cut out. Cropping photos will help you convey your message to your audience more effectively.

The One-Third Rules

One-third is one of the common tenets in photography. This rule does not place the subject in the center.

Hence, to avoid violating this principle while cropping the photo, you should not adjust the edge so much that your main objective is in the center.

Instead, divide your image into three equal horizontals, three vertical rooms. At this time, your original painting will be available in nine equal squares.

Place the subject at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

Other Cropping Tips

Cropping is a simple photo editing operation. However, if you're only doing it to satisfy print layout requirements, you're missing out on enhancing your crop photo quality.

Take advantage of the picture cropper to create beautiful works. If you still haven't achieved the desired cropping effect, refer to some online cropping tips.

Don't only center the subject.

The subject is always in the photo center is a misconception.

The rule of thirds has proven that placing objects at particular intersection points creates attention-grabbing works.

However, if your work is a portrait or mugshot, you should still crop photos online to center the subject quickly.

Eye-level cropping

When cropping portraits, it is recommended that you apply the center at the subject's eye level.

You can apply the rule of thirds. Divide your photo into nine equal squares using three wide and three horizontal lines. Then crop images, so the subject's eyes align with the top two intersections of the 3x3 grid.

With just a few simple changes, you can completely change the composition of your portrait. Photos with subjects with soulful eyes will attract viewers more.

Leave the breathing area.

Cropping the image magnifies the subject. Cropping close-ups will give a more dramatic feel. Viewers can identify the emotion on the subject's face.

In particular, attention will be focused on the portrait eyes, the perfect initial interaction between the subject and the viewer. Yet, focusing too much on the subject without leaving any space will leave the viewer uncomfortable.

In portrait cropping, when cropping the edges of the photo excessively, it is straightforward to cut off part of the head, affecting the subject's hairstyle.

To avoid making the above mistakes, consider carefully before deciding to crop to bring the subject too close to the image edge. Make sure not to cut too close to the subject's hairline for portrait cropping.

In short, you will have to use this trick flexibly to get a photo that accurately represents your idea.

No cut off the limbs at any joint.

You must consider many issues when cropping portraits to ensure composition and photo nature.

One of the rules you need to follow is not to mutilate the subject's arms and legs at the joints. It will make the image subject look unnatural. Instead, try cropping the image online at the biceps, waist, thighs, or shins.

Keep consistent in cropping.

If you need to batch crop photos, consider uniformity.

You can crop pictures that aren't on the same subject in whatever style you like. With sets, however, apply a single cropping technique.

Using different cropping methods can be distracting to viewers. The series won't have the overall appeal you want.

Don't be out of the horizon accidentally.

The horizon line is essential for landscape shots. It is also an important rule in photography, affecting your cropping process.

For the best aesthetic effect, you should place the horizon line in line with the horizontal line in the one-third rule.

Cropping mistakes with a horizon line can make your artwork look clumsy and fuzzy. On the contrary, strict adherence to this principle will help you create impressive focal points for landscape photos.

Try the experiment

In photography, you must refer to and apply several essential rules. Yet, to get creative work, sometimes you also need to break the old rules.

And cutting-edge cropping is a practical way to create creative and out-of-the-ordinary photos. Some new experiments you might consider are odd detailing, portrait face cropping, or slanting.

A small tip you should apply is to back up the original. You can do any test without worrying about going in the wrong direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have gathered and answered some frequently asked questions regarding cropping and how to use this photo crop tool. Check it out in the section below.

What happens when an image is cropped?

When cropping an image online, you will adjust the photo's edges and remove unnecessary parts. This operation also changes the image size and aspect ratio.

A compelling image crop tool can draw the viewer's attention to your subject.

How do you crop an image?

To use the crop image tool, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Upload images by drop.
  • Use drag to select where to crop the image. This position can be the side edges or the top and bottom edges.
  • Press the Shift key, and the image crop tool automatically removes the want-to-crop area you locate.
  • Now, you can change your crop image area using the clipping handles.

How do you make an image cropper?

Most photo editing software today supports image cropping tools.

You can also use an online cropping tool. It is not difficult for you to crop images online and achieve the desired effect.

How do you use the freehand image cropper?

To use the freehand image cropper here's all you need to do:

  • With a few clicks, you can upload images.
  • Click on the image to perform operations that define the want-to-crop area. To add a cut point, select Ctrl +; to take a point automatically deleted, select Shift +.
  • To remove the object, select Ctrl + Shift + key combination.

How do I crop a JPG image?

  • Look for the JPG cropper tool's photo toolkit.
  • Then go to the format section. In the exact size section, select the Crop image online option.
  • You can choose the available aspect ratio, enter the desired frame parameters, and press crop.


Image cropper is a tool that is quite simple to use but brings a noticeable effect to your image composition. Hopefully, you have understood this tool and taken advantage of its valuable features to create works as expected.

Thank you for following!