Online Image Editor: Overview & Key Tips To Consider

To create a perfect photo, editing is essential in post-production. Online image editor tools will be the best choice for simple color correction and cropping.

With an online tool, you don't need to spend too much time getting used to and mastering professional photo editing. You will also quickly get the photos you want for free. In this article, let's look at the apps' great features.

What Are The Differences Between Desktop Editor vs. In-Browser?

An online photo editor is similar to desktop editing software in many features. Yet, between these two tools, there are some differences:


Computer software will require you to download it. Once installed, you can use it anytime without depending on Internet access.

Meanwhile, when editing photos online, you must ensure the stability of the Internet connection. However, you will not have to download applications, which take up a lot of space on your computer's hard drive.

Consistent experience

Desktop image editing software does not depend on an Internet connection. Therefore, they are less susceptible to transmission issues to keep the user experience consistent.

The online photo editing versions quickly respond when the connection is stable. It also does not require the device's hardware to be powerful enough to handle complex operations.

Yet, online image editors won't provide a consistent user experience when Internet speeds drop.

The reliance on hardware

Free online photo editor does not rely heavily on hardware specifications. You can make edits using any device, even the weakest models.

In-browser software is easier to update

An online photo editor that doesn't require frequent updates. Meanwhile, you also don't have to face hard drive space exhaustion for heavy 3D editing tasks.

It is quite a different point from desktop editing software, which takes up a lot of device memory. In particular, when downloading updates, you may experience significant storage issues.

Benefit Of Online Photo Editors

There are many reasons why online photo editors are gradually replacing photo editing software that requires downloads.

  • The online photo editor does not require frequent downloads and updates and does not take up memory on the device.
  • Simple and easy-to-use online photo editor. With just a few clicks, you can take advantage of all the editing features in the tool.
  • Support sharing edited photos to social networking sites quickly.

The Online Editor Outstanding Features

The free online photo editor has many valuable tools to improve image quality. Here are some key features that you should get used to become proficient with different editors:

Background remover

Online editing tools will use artificial intelligence to remove the background.

With just one click and 5 seconds of waiting, you have the image with the background as expected.

The tool supports background color modification and object clutter removal to make your pictures more attractive.

Also, you can take advantage of this feature to create a uniform color ID image.

One-click enhancement

With a simple mouse click, you can improve the color and sharpness of the image. If the raw image colors are not as expected, this feature will be a convenient solution for you to adjust the composition to your liking.

Basic photo editor

The online photo editor also includes many essential editing tools. You can find options to crop the image, adjust the aspect ratio, and modify the brightness and contrast. These are pretty easy to use but change your pictures noticeably.

Portrait retouching

This tool will give you perfect portrait photos. It will correct some defects on the portrait face to bring out the most natural beauty.

Of course, this problematic technique requires a beginner's sensory thinking and regular practice to master.

Tips To Enhance Your Photos

Online photo editing tools are pretty easy to use. However, to make the most of the tool's features, you should refer to some of the guidelines below:

Blurred effect on background editing

The blurred background will create depth for the space, highlighting the subject.

Usually, to separate the subject from the background, professional photographers will have to set the aperture of the camera's lens.

Yet, if you're working with stock images or don't own a professional camera, online photo editing tools can help.

It provides many filters to help blur the background automatically. You can opt for the free online photo editor toolbars to manually remove the background.

Adjust saturation

Adjusting the saturation will help your images have more eye-catching colors. Changing the picture tone with saturation adjustment is also very easy.

For example, oversaturated images are more intense and dull, while not saturated images are brighter and more blurry.

Now online image editors allow saturation adjustment via sliders. You must move the slider and watch the desired image color change depending on your preference to edit images.

A preset editing

Filters available from online photo editors will allow you to change essential parameters such as image brightness, contrast, and saturation.

With built-in filters, you will quickly have many perfect photo collages in color with a uniform style. This feature will be handy if you need to come up with a meaningful concept on social networks.

Adjust contrast and brightness

Adjusting brightness and contrast is the simplest way to improve image quality. And the photo editor will help you get detailed photo collage templates with the vibrancy and color you expect.

Add text

Text will create a personal touch or add a message to the image. Online tools will help you choose the font, color, and size so that the text has an aesthetic that matches the picture.

Take the overlay

You can add overlays to change the texture or highlight the subject in the image. With overlays, you don't need to make too many adjustments or use filters.

Besides you can also take advantage of these features to create unique double exposure and watermark effects.

Add the frame

If you start editing images to post on a website, adding frames is a feature you should use. The online photo editor offers quite a few different frame styles.

With just one click, it will automatically match your photo quickly.

How To Figure Out An Ideal Online Image Editor?

There are quite a few online image editors to choose from. And here are some notes you need to pay attention to choose a helpful tool for your use:

Your requirements

To start looking, you should check the list of the features you require in a photo editor. If you need basic photo collage editors, all the essential elements are cropping, resizing, adjusting brightness, and more.

Meanwhile, if your work requires more complex editing, the most helpful free photo editor will need advanced features like filters, cloud storage, and double exposure effects.

Your end-user needs

It would help if you also considered the end-user when searching for an online editing tool.

You won't need too many advanced editing features if you want to use multiple images for marketing purposes. Sometimes, you may need a powerful photo editor to create professional-looking photos.

You also need to care about the image upload format to be processed. Some specialized JPG editors will have many features for handling JPG format images.

Yet, a few tools exist to edit JPG online and many other popular image formats like PNG, GIF, and TIFF.

Peruse reviews

Before choosing a tool to edit photos online, you can check out feedback from people who have used the free photo editor. These reviews will often point out the pros and cons of each tool to help you make the best decision.

Free trials

With photo editors that require a fee, you should look for a free trial or demo to see if it helps your tasks for long-term use.

It would help if you also looked for free online image editors. These tools provide the most basic features to meet user needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding online image editors. I will provide concise explanations for you to consider in the section below.

What is the best online picture editor?

An excellent online photo editor must have all the tools to enhance photo quality. It also needs to be intuitive, easy to use, and responsive.

The photo editor should also add valuable features like cloud storage and sharing crop images to social networking platforms.

How can I edit photos online?

You can edit photos online by uploading an image and using the brightness, contrast, and filter adjustment tools it supports.

What is the best free photo editor online?

Some free online photo editing tools include Canva, Pixlr X, and Fotor.

How can I edit a PNG file online?

To edit PNG images online, upload the image on the editing website.

You can then perform operations to change the brightness and size to get the idea you want. In the end, you need to preview and export the image.

How can I edit a JPEG without Photoshop?

With online tools, you can edit JPEG images without Photoshop. In addition to the JPEG format, the remove background tool supports many different forms.


The online image editor is easy to use and highly effective. You will change your mind via this post if you have any related questions.

Hopefully, you can master this online photo editing tool and get the photos you want with just a few simple steps. Thank you for taking the time to read this!