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How To Convert JPG To PNG On Multiple Devices?

JPG and PNG are among the most commonly used image files. Although they sound the same, each serves a particular purpose. Hence, sometimes you need to convert one to the other.

But here comes a problem: How to convert JPG to PNG and vice versa? When should you convert your image files? Those questions won't bother you anymore because we have the answers here. So keep scrolling to discover!

Differences Between JPG Vs. PNG?

We use image formats to organize and store digital images. Depending on your purposes while working with the pictures, some file types may be superior to others.

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics) are popular due to their compatibility with many browsers and speeds. Average users also find them helpful for various tasks.

However, there are differences between the two formats. You must consider them to determine the more suitable one for your needs.


JPG files employ a lossy compression technique, which means that some data may get permanently lost when you reduce the image size.

Because of the lost data every time you update and save JPG files, the lossy compression process may gradually degrade the image quality. As a result, some skilled photographers choose to use raw, uncompressed data.

PNG files, on the other hand, work with a lossless compression algorithm. The quality stays unchanged regardless of how many times you edit the files. Hence, there is no lost data in your PNG files.

As a result, PNGs are the best choice for beautiful logos and graphics with a lot of data because the images won't get distorted or blurred.


Points are found in the image. It can be the number of pixels on screen images or dots in printed images.

JPG files produce artifacts and blurry images at specific points. On the other hand, PNG files will always look as sharp as their original versions. Because of the higher resolution of PNG images, they are often larger.

Color Depths

Color depth refers to the maximum number of colors used in a picture: the more colors, the more realistic your picture looks.

The PNG format is better if color vibrancy and accuracy are critical to you. PNG files also save pictures with abrupt contrast and color shifts.

Which Image Format Should You Use?

Although PNG images seem more outstanding because of their high resolution and crisp colors, JPG images still have their benefits. Here are some cases where one outperforms the other.

When to use JPG?

Businesses and photographers often handle sizable image libraries like JPG files. They can easily store, share, and download images thanks to their small size.

JPEGs can preserve a reasonably organized image library with short file-opening wait times by using storage space efficiently.

Given their extensive use, you can view and edit JPEG files on multiple programs and operating systems. Thus, you won't need any specialized software to deal with them.

When to use PNG?

PNG files don't aim to store raster images. Managing sophisticated, high-contrast web images is their expertise.

Because PNG images don't compress pixels and can provide a highly accurate portrayal of your computer, they are frequently the default format for snapshot pictures.

The PNG file is also famous for graphics and charts because of its lossless compression and broad color palette. These features ensure that they preserve a lot of detail.

Another benefit of a PNG over a JPG file is that it can support transparent images. Hence, designers who work with logos find it the best option available. Some people choose to convert JPG to PNG transparent format for this purpose.

What About Pictures That Don't Fall Into Either Category?

You may sometimes see an image that is neither a "photo" nor a "graphic." A screenshot with both photo and text is an example.

In this scenario, choose PNG. Whenever in doubt, pick PNG as a general rule. The picture will be high quality, and your text can be sharp.

Your PNG file will be bigger than a JPG file, but the improved sharpness and clarity are worth it.

How To Convert JPG To PNG?

PNG files serve many uses, but you only have JPG files. But don't worry! You can easily convert a JPG file to a PNG one using one of the four methods below.

Please note that these approaches can work for different picture formats. Thus, you can apply them to convert PNG files to JPG and other files.

Online converters

You can convert your image format into others online. This method allows you to skip the software installation step. Here is how to use it to convert JPG to PNG:

  • Open the converter. Since it's a web-based tool, you can access the browser on your computer.
  • Choose the file you want to convert your JPG image to. In this case, it's PNG.
  • Upload files or JPG images. You can also process multiple photos at a time.
  • Click to convert the images. It may take a few seconds for the website to process.
  • Download the processed images.

On Windows

Although many photo-viewing applications exist for Windows, the Photos app appears to be one of the most widely employed ones. Let's look at how it helps you convert a JPG file to a PNG file.

  • Click twice on the JPG image file.
  • Choose "Edit With," then select "Photos" to designate Windows 10 Photos as your default image viewer if it isn't yet.
  • Press "Edit & Create."
  • Choose "Edit" from the drop-down menu.
  • Select "Menu" in the image's upper left corner when it first appears.
  • Set "Image" as your saving option after clicking "Save As."

On Mac

The Preview app is the built-in tool in Mac OS that lets you view and save files on your MacBook.

This tool works for simple picture editing and optimization tasks like cropping, converting, resizing, etc., in addition to viewing the pictures.

The instructions for converting a JPG file to a PNG file are as follows:

  • Right-click on the file you intend to convert.
  • Select "Open With."
  • The image will display on a separate tab.
  • Access the menu bar and click "File" then "Export."
  • Select the PNG format.
  • Press "Save" to complete.

On Phone

You can use the same web-based tools to convert your JPG images to PNG ones. Here is what you should do to convert JPG into PNG.

  • Open the app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the "Upload files" button.
  • Select the image you want to convert.
  • Choose the PNG format.
  • Set the quality and file size.
  • Click "Convert."

Benefits Of Using A JPG To PNG Converter

A JPG to PNG converter helps you handle two files effortlessly. We advise using online tools as they come with tons of benefits. For example:

They are free.

You can convert as many images as you want without paying any cost. With only an internet connection, a free online tool converts every image file into a PNG image.

You don't have to install any software.

Your Windows and phones may already have default programs to convert your pictures. So you don't have to spend hours installing the apps.

If you use online tools, you will have the same benefit. All you need to do is to access the website to convert JPG files to PNG.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you convert JPG to PNG without losing quality?

Yes. A PNG converter can help you quickly convert JPG images to PNG without sacrificing image quality.

2. Is PNG smaller than JPEG?

No. Often, a picture in the PNG format is more significant than the equivalent JPG picture.

3. What is the PNG format best for?

The PNG format is best for photographs with graphics, edges, lines, sketches, or text, such as those in logos, screenshots, construction blueprints, etc.

4. Is there a quality difference between JPG and PNG?

The compression processes that PNG and JPG files employ distinguish them most from one another.

To make the file smaller, JPG files utilize a lossy compression method that dismisses some image data. PNG format, in contrast, employs a lossless algorithm that preserves all the data.

5. What's the highest-quality image format?

The highest-quality picture format is RAW. Photographers love them because the RAW design captures every data from the camera's sensor.


You can convert JPG to PNG with the help of multiple tools. They also allow you to set the quality and size of the restored picture.

Depending on your device, there are many JPG to PNG converters. Follow our described instructions, and you will get all your tasks done.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. For any further information about JPG to PNG converters, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading!