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How To Convert PNG To JPG?

PNG and JPG are popular image formats because of their excellent file compression and image maintenance.

JPG files will be an efficient choice for working with substantial image sets because of their compact size, which can maximize your storage space. If you are curious about changing PNG to JPG format and related tips, check out some information below.

PNG Vs. JPG Difference

If you often work with images, you must become familiar with PNG and JPG file extensions. These formats are standard and make little difference in image quality. Yet, there is a clear technical and data difference between them.

In some cases, JPG files have advantages that the PNG file can not and vice versa. Here are the fundamental differences between the two formats:

Data compression process

JPG files are a format that stores detailed and colorful digital photos with small file sizes. This image format uses lossy compression.

While compressing an image, unimportant details are permanently deleted. This process will reduce the size but affect the image quality.

PNG files use lossless compression. Hence, no matter how often you edit the file, the PNG image will not have any blurring or distortion.

File size

JPG is the ideal format to reduce image size with good management support.

This format is also quite suitable for uploading web pages as it does not affect page load times.

A PNG file will result in larger images. These file formats require storage space and slow down web page response.

Image transparency

The JPG file does not support a transparent background. You won't be able to use this image format to combine different background colors.

The PNG file supports transparent backgrounds. This format helps graphic designers create images stacked or combined with different background colors.




Transparent background support


Only JPEG2000 supports transparent background

Number format


Big Endian

Compression tool

Lossless DEFLATE Compression

Lossless DCT Compression

Compression ratio

847.5 to 1

  • High-quality image: 10:1 - 20:1
  • Average image quality: 30:1 - 50:1
  • Thumbnails: 60:1 - 100:1


Graphic design

Photography Archives

Support metadata storage

Textual information

EXIF Metadata

Why Should You Convert PNG To JPG?

In some cases below, changing PNG to JPG files by a JPG converter will help improve your work productivity.

Reduce file size

JPG is an image format that uses lossy DCT compression. Hence, while performing image editing or compression operations, the image quality will decrease. JPG format size is also usually small.

Meanwhile, PNG images use a lossless compression algorithm. Even when using compression tools, it keeps the original file data intact.

As a result, PNG files will have quite good quality. Yet, this advantage also unintentionally makes PNG images quite large. When uploading photos online, it takes more time for users.

That is also why many people convert images from PNG to JPG with a JPG converter. Reducing the file size will, of course, affect the image colors. Yet, the image quality between image files will stay the same.

Using images from the web

JPG is the standard for converted files because it allows for small pictures and is easy to upload without affecting page load speed.

PNG files are available on the web, but most are available in mobile web graphics.

It will support creating custom illustrations due to the transparent background and portable network graphics.

Data saving

The JPG file offers many advantages over the PNG file, storing images on a cloud or server. The reason lies that the storage process will take time and limit the download speed.

The larger the image is, the slower the load time. With PNG files, this problem occurs frequently. Converting ideas from PNG to JPG files is the right choice.

Convert PNG to JPG On Windows

Converting PNG to JPG files by JPG converter is easier than you think. When using a Windows device, here are all the steps you need to take to get JPG files:

  • Open the image editing software available on the machine, such as Paint.
  • Open PNG files by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, you can also find the image in the archive and select "Open with Paint."
  • Click File and Save As, respectively, and popular formats will appear.
  • Select the JPG and archive file extension you want, then press "Save" to convert automatically.

Convert PNG To JPG On Mac

For Mac, the simplest way to convert from PNG to JPG file is to use the preview feature:

  • Start Finder to check out PNG files.
  • Double-click the PNG file and browse for the image file in "Preview."
  • In the "Menu" section, choose the File tool and the format to which you want to export the image.

How To Convert PNG To JPG Online?

The tools available in the jpg converter are convenient. Yet, it usually does not support batch editing, reduces image resolution, and requires users to have previous experience working with images.

To overcome these problems, you can look to an online converter. It works on many platforms to convert formats quickly without losing image sharpness.

If you are skeptical about the power of a JPG converter or have never used it before, refer to the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Visit the website address of the online image editing tool—upload PNG images with drag and drop.
  • Step 2: Select "Convert to PNG files."
  • Step 3: The device will automatically convert and redirect you to another page. Here you will be able to download the JPG file extension or continue to make other adjustments.

Things To Consider

Converting raster images from PNG to JPG files offers quite a few benefits. Yet, when converting from PNG to JPG, in order not to make mistakes, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Care about image quality

If the image quality is your concern, consider it before converting the format.

Some professional photographers often choose not to compress PNG files into smaller, lower-quality converted files.

Make sure your work allows you to compress and change the image form.

Reverse conversion if necessary

After converting from PNG to JPG online, you can flip back anytime. The conversion steps with the online tool will be relatively easy. The significant difference is that your input will be in JPG format when the output image is a PNG file.

Keep the PNG format in some cases.

The PNG format can make it difficult to upload many image files to the website. To reduce the page load speed, you need to take steps to convert the image to a JPG file.

Yet, only in some cases converting PNG to JPG files will give you many benefits.

When you want to save raster images with text, PNG files are always the more optimal choice. This format delivers high-quality images that can reproduce the tiniest pixels in detail.

One unique advantage of PNG is its support for transparent backgrounds. This feature is essential for creating icons, serving in digital environments, and overlaying raster images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Format conversion is quite simple. Yet, around this process, you also face quite a few problems. Here are my answers to common issues.

Does changing PNG to JPG files reduce quality?

When converting from PNG to JPG online by JPG converter, you must accept that the image quality will decrease.

The compression process will remove some unnecessary information from the image. You will get a JPG file that is significantly smaller than PNG files.

Does the JPG-convert-PNG tool do anything?

Increasing image quality is the most significant advantage that JPG-convert-PNG technology brings.

PNG files are a lossless image format. So when saving images in this format, as long as you have the correct bit depth and color levels, you will get the image file with the highest resolution and quality.

Can PNG raster images be converted to JPG files?

Many tools support converting PNG images to JPG files. Most of the photo editing software available on the device support this feature.

If you have a need to batch convert but do not affect jpg convert png image quality, free online tools will also help.

Is PNG smaller than JPEG?

Most JPEG images are smaller in size than PNG files. The JPEG file format uses lossless DCT compression instead of DEFLATE compression like PNG.

How do I reduce the file size of a PNG?

You can use a compression, scaler, or JPG converter tool to shrink PNG.

You can also make the image smaller by saving it in a different format, keeping it without using the alpha channel.


There is no denying the advantages that the PNG file format brings. This format will give you high-resolution raster images with transparent backgrounds for portable network graphics.

Yet, in some cases, JPG files might be the optimal format. This post will teach you how to convert files from PNG to JPG format quickly and effectively.

Thank you for reading!